Series: Plastic

This series includes objects of incredibly small monetary value like molded plastic packaging, empty bottles for air travel, and cheap children’s toys. They are utterly disposable, but in their way beautiful and rich with symbolism.  Each is a simulation of another thing, a stereotype, a representation that carries with it flaws and markers of ideology; as well, the material which, cheap and of often poor production, possesses it’s own sculptural beauty. Yet, these objects of mass production are unique only in their flaws.  I am interested in the contradictions I see inherent in these things, but also in exploring the boundary of simulation.  Does a toy gun or plastic tree always evoke the real thing even in the face of obvious artifice.
Toys and Oddities



Molded Plastic


Series: Trees

The United States of America is home to the world’s largest tree (sequoia), the tallest tree (redwood), and the oldest tree (bristlecone); it is a nation of trees.  From remote landscapes to front yards trees are a seminal subject for photography, a subject in which light, design, and theme may be explored.
A wind has blown the rain away and the leaves and the sky and the trees stand: the trees stand. The trees, suddenly wait against the moon’s face.
E. E. Cummings


Series: United States Botanic Garden

Images from the United States Botanic Garden.
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